Relationships Synastry Integrated Astrology Course Level-2 (Slab-6)


Synastry – The Science of Match Making And Partner Compatibility
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Starting a marriage relationship, business partnership or hiring someone to work for you? All these are partnering associations that need day to day interactions and joint decision making. It would be prudent to understand the energies of the other person – whether they compliment or overwhelm your energies? whether there would be too much friction? whether we can achieve the “Takes Two To Tango” effect?

In this course – you will be able to plot charts of two people to understand their individual as well as combined energies, where both of them complement, what are the friction points, strengths and weaknesses as a pair that will determine the ultimate success of this relationship.


  1. Introduction to Relationship Astrology
  2. The Descendent In Relationships
  3. Mars And Venus In Relationships
  4. Moon And Sun in Relationships
  5. Your Relationship Profile
  6. The Relationship Polarity Score


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*This being Level 2 course, we assume students to have basic knowledge of planets, signs, houses and aspects in a chart. This will help learn this course faster. If you are a beginner, you can look at our Integrated Astrology Level-1 Course, start there and then join this course.

Module 1 – Introduction to Relationship Astrology
1. Understanding Relationship Astrology
2. Relationship Core Vitals
3. The Four Types of Attraction

Module 2: The Descendent In Relationships
1. Introduction
2. Descendant in signs

Module 3: Mars And Venus In Relationships
1. Mars In Relationships
2. Mars In Signs
3. Venus In Relationships
4. Venus In Signs
Module 4: Moon And Sun in Relationships
1. Moon In Relationships
2. Moon In Signs
3. Sun In Relationships
4. Sun In Signs

Module 5: Your Relationship Profile
1. Putting It All Together
2. Your Profile

Module 6: The Relationship Polarity Score
1. Relationship Myths
2. Polarity Score
3. Examples/Exercises


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