Pluto The Transformer Integrated Astrology Course Level-2 (Slab-3)


Pluto – The Great Transformer
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The most distant planet (dwarfed) in our solar system but the one with most punch packed in. The destroyer of things that aren’t needed in your life, it guides you on what’s not important in life to move ahead successfully. Sometimes, knowing what is not needed leads to better success than knowing what is needed. Agree?

Pack a punch with Pluto’s energies in your life. Enroll for a transformative experience today.

Course-ware Index –

Lesson 1: Introduction To The Different Archetypes
Lesson 2: Part Pluto Plays In The Journey Of Life.
Lesson 3: Pluto’s Aspects With Other Planets
Lesson 4: The Strength & Intensity Of Pluto
Lesson 5: Pluto’s Cycle
Lesson 6: Understanding The Most Important Transit Of Our Lifetime
Lesson 7: Experience Of Pluto Aspects
Lesson 8: Pluto’s Transits
Lesson 9: Difficult or Liberating Transits
Lesson 10: Advanced Pluto’s Techniques
Lesson 11: Pluto Rulership Scheme
Lesson 12: Pluto Takeaways
Lesson 13: Examples Of Various Charts


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