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Life is all about taking decisions at the right time. Not taking a decision is a decision by itself which can lead to losing out on opportunities. Sometimes the mind does get foggy and one is unable to make the right choices at the right time.

There is no need to take stress or feel anxious, I am here to help you make the right choices and help you give that much-needed push through logical advice.

Key Takeaways from this consultation:
1. Decisions on immediate concerns and issues instead of long term deliberations
2. Assertion on the current direction of energies imparted by the planets (transits) in the current situation
3. Self-confidence to navigate your immediate life situations for longer-term success.

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To help you make the right choices at the right time, I devised these TWO Questions modules. This module has not only garnered tremendous response but has also helped people get clarity over their thoughts. Making the correct decision and taking the right steps needed at a precise moment helps you reorient yourself & realign your confidence. In most immediate situations, we always need answers to some specifics to determine where we are heading.

Let’s take an example.

“How will my career be over the next 10 years?”

may be a good approach question but it’s too generic given the current situation. Instead, can you reframe it like “If I change direction now in a new area of the profession, will it bring me longer-term results? OR my passion is in my current field but opportunities exist elsewhere. Should I stay put or make a move?” These will be more action-oriented to get going instead of looking too far ahead and losing immediate focus.

Another example.

“How will my upcoming year be?” is again a big-picture question.

Try to be specific. How about – “Can I plan a job change in the coming months for the betterment of my career?” or “Should I take a shorter maternity leave or risk losing job?” or “Can I start planning my wedding in the coming days or wait?” These would be more action-oriented questions on specific areas of life for focused guidance and progress.

Am ready to help answer such questions for you with my knowledge and experience in productive astrology.


1. This consultation is an oral consultation. Written documents/calculations are not shared as part of this consultation.
2. If you are looking to plan for long term vision and multi-faceted aspects of life, opt for Natal Chart Consultations.


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