Vedic & Western Integrated Astrology Course Level-1


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The all new Integrated Astrology Course blends Vedic and Western Astrology concepts beautifully and empowers you to lead your as well helping others’ life of health, wealth and happiness. Integrating the superb cosmic knowledge from both Tropical (Western) and Vedic (Indian) astrology systems into this Integrated Astrology course for beginners and enthusiasts. Familiarize with the concepts and four basic pillars of astrology – Planets, Houses, Signs and Aspects.

Embark on your journey in astrology. Empower yourself and others with your knowledge of the cosmos. Join the course today.

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LMS based self learning with support via email for queries. Pre-recorded 12 audio & text lessons. We may invite these members to some of our eClass sessions for QnA sessions.

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Courseware Index –

1. The Basics

  • From Dolly Manghat’s Desk
  • The 4 Pillars Of Your Natal Chart
  • Lesson Audio
  • FAQ Session Audio

2. The Planets

  • Introduction To Planets
  • Personal Planets
  • Social Planets
  • Generational Planets
  • Planets In Direct/Retrograde Motion
  • Other Planetary Archetypes
  • Lesson Summary And Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

3. The Zodiac Signs

  • Introduction To The Signs
  • Understanding Astronomy
  • A Little About Signs And Houses
  • 2-3-4 Formula
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

4. Integrating Planets And Signs

  • Deep Dive Into The Signs
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

5. The Houses

  • Introduction To Four Angles Of Your Chart
  • Astronomy Of The Angles
  • Understanding Angles In Detail
  • Summary Of The Angles
  • The 4 Quadrant System (With Exercise)
  • Stepping Into The Houses
  • Significations Of Each House
  • The House Axes
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

6. Integrating Planets And Houses

  • Sun Through The Houses
  • Moon Through The Houses
  • Mercury Through The Houses
  • Venus Through The Houses
  • Mars Through The Houses
  • Jupiter Through The Houses
  • Saturn Through The Houses
  • Uranus Through The Houses
  • Neptune Through The Houses
  • Pluto Through The Houses
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference
7. Planetary Aspects And Chart Patterns

  • Introduction to Aspects
  • The Main Aspects
  • The Minor Aspects
  • How To Interpret Aspects
  • Unaspected Planets
  • Major Aspect Patterns
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

8. Moon And Its Nodes

  1. Lunar Introduction
  2. Moon Phases Explained
  3. Cycles Of Moon
  4. The Shadow Self
  5. Moon Phases In a Nutshell
  6. Progressed Moons Through Signs
  7. Lunar Nodes And Its Axes
  8. Lesson Audio
  9. Download Notes For Reference

9. Decanates

  • Slicing The Chart Wheel Further
  • The 36 Decans
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

10. Chart Imbalances

  • Introduction To Imbalances
  • House Imbalances
  • Modality Imbalances
  • Elemental Imbalances
  • Unaspected Planets
  • Stelliums
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

11. 7 Step Chart Reading

  • Putting It All Together
  • Decoding The 7 Steps
  • Mahadashas At A Glance
  • Lesson Audio
  • Download Notes For Reference

12. The Astrologer’s Oath

Students Testimonials-

Classroom Snippets –

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