Eclipses And Nodal Energies Integrated Astrology Course Level-2 (Slab-4)


Eclipses – Navigate Your Way
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The most misunderstood of all cosmic and astrological phenomenons, the eclipses are gateways into your subconscious aspirations and dark areas. If explored with excitement, there are treasures to be unearthed and lead a consciously successful life.

Associate your node placements (Rahu-Ketu) in respect to the luminaries (Sun-Moon) and unearth gems of wisdom on your life journey.


  1. The deeper meaning of eclipses
  2. Eclipses and Lunar nodes
  3. The types of Eclipses
  4. Saros cycle Advanced Technique
  5. Eclipses in your Natal Chart

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*This being Level 2 course, we assume students to have basic knowledge of planets, signs, houses and aspects in a chart. This will help learn this course faster. If you are a beginner, you can look at our Integrated Astrology Level-1 Course, start there and then join this course.

Module 1: The deeper meaning of eclipses
1. The allegory of separation and rebirth
2. “The substitute king”
3. Disruption and alignment

Module 2: Eclipses and Lunar nodes
1. “The serpent that eats its tail”
2. The story of your evolving soul
3. Karma & Free will

Module 3: The types of Eclipses
1. How to work with them?
2. 12 different Types
3. Subtle & Powerful differences
4. Determining the strength
Module 4: Saros cycle Advanced Technique
1. “Metonic & Saros Cycles.
2. Commonalities.
3. Analyzing to Understanding the energy.

Module 5: Eclipses in your Natal Chart
1. Influences
2. Step by step instruction

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